Googled “fed up of being single” or “it sucks to be single” or “just been on a weird date” or “date creeps me out” or “will I ever find the one” or “friend abandoned me because I’m single” etc. this is for you!

Don’t give up on yourself

You are worth what you are worth to yourself. No one else can make you happy unless you let them.

Eat post-date snacks

Ready Made Advice

Can’t be bothered to go through years of harrowing dating experiences?


There really isn’t anyone that can help anyone navigate the quagmire of modern dating but we can analyse and laugh about it!

Finding you

Don’t make your single years a “waiting room” — go out, make friends, enjoy nature and discover happiness beyond dating.

Being single can be a lonely experience (yes really!) but not when you view it as an adventure!


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